Hey everyone, Head Programmer Eric here. As requested by rookiefirsts, I will be sharing some of my own advice which I have learned over time about implementing and using sensors.

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Hey everyone. Head Programmer of the Robolancers, Eric, here. Today, in the programming world my team continued our debugging our FTC robot in preparation for this Saturday’s competition and I personally continued to test our hardware that we’re using for FRC.

One of the glaring mistakes we noticed in our debugging was that in our code for the FTC robot, a motor was accidentally used in the method for one of our manipulators as well as the method for our drive system which confused our motor on which input to accept, causing it to twitch while attempting to drive our robot. This could have been easily avoided if we proofread the code more thoroughly.

In the FRC programming world, Maxbotix Ultrasonic that we received in the 2012 Kit of Parts as well as an additional one we bought are both working smoothly. I’ve written some code to convert the voltage values it returns into real world measurements. Currently, I’m focusing a great deal of my attention on imaging processing for the backboard of the hoops. There’s a large amount of investigation I have to undergo but one of my questions to other FRC teams is that when you guys first create a binary image, do you filter it by color or by hue? Or is there some method to do both?