Hey guys, Eric here. It’s the last week of the build season for FRC, a very important one, especially for us programmers. We have to make sure every piece of equipment actually works and runs the way its supposed to. So this puts us in the debugging process. Remember the simple steps during the debugging of your robot such as actually turning on the robot and having electronics plugged into the right ports. I myself have spent hours only to find that I forgot to turn on a robot before.

My job this year is to have our robot be able to shoot towards the basketball hoops from anywhere on the field. Although we may have some limitations to this such as the speed our shooter can launch basketballs. I will be using a variety of techniques and many fail safes for them. First, I plan to always have our robot track the basketball hoops with our axis camera constantly processing the vision targets. Then, when we actually want to shoot a basketball, I will find the distance from our robot to the basketball hoops via ultrasonic and calculations from the processed image of the vision target. Then, knowing which hoop we would like to shoot into, we can calculate the angle needed to shoot into that hoop where we will adjust our shooter accordingly using a combination of a gyro and encoders.

Finally, as another fail safe, our robot will also include already programmed positions on the field to know what angle to adjust our shooter at to shoot at a basketball hoop. A combination of gyros and encoders will be used to move our shooter to the correct angle.

Another problem though that I have encountered with our gyros is that the angles they return have the tendency to fluctuate. As such, I plan to use limit switches so that the gyro will know when it is at the 0 degree heading and from there, we can move to our desired shooter heading. Our encoders will also keep track of our shooter position, where I can hopefully have enough time to implement PID Control for more precision.

Thanks for reading and good luck to you all.